We compile the highlights from the footage made by all our cameras which cover the action hotspot from all angles. Never before have hidden cam videos been this detailed!
Check out the naughty amateur movies made by our club members as they have fun.
Some of our members bring cameras and take their own pics of the action going on.
When couples seclude themselves from the big party under the hot streams, we shoot them with the camera in the shower. Believe us, it's worth checking out
As more and more people visit our site, we receive more and more feedback. Often people ask about our club, so we decided to build a FAQ so that youget the basic idea about our swinger club and our site.
Where is your club situated?
We would prefer not to disclose the exact location of our venue.
Yet, we can tell you that this is a European country with liberal legislation concerning adult-only activities.
Do your members know they are being watched and filmed?
No, most of them don't. Our site is managed by a bunch of people who are involved with the club, so technically some club members do know there's some shooting going on.
What kind of a club do you have?
We have a middle-sized swinger club for single adults and couples. Though we have regular members, fresh faces (and private parts) show up regularly. When organizing our weekly parties which naturally evolve into group lovemaking, we try to invite more males than females to spice up the action.
What exactly do you do at your parties?
This is a swinger club, so we mostly concentrate on adult pastimes of physical nature. Yet, as the club unites intellectually mature people, the bounds between our members are far from being purely physical. Anyway, we don't feel you'd be interested in watching people chat, so we record and upload only the hottest stuff which happens.
I like the club, can I join?
Sure, our club accepts and considers applications from new members. Please understand that we are not allowed to publish the contact information of this club. However, if you are smart and lucky enough, you may find the club yourself. In this case - welcome!
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